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is the energy level I am currently running on. Some may call it depression, burn out (I am unsure what… read more Empty…

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Taking Time..

To catch up…. I wanted desperately to be able to embed this link image on the site, but I do… read more Taking Time..

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Managing Me…

I have consumed, some tasty refrigerator, do not know what they are, left overs, and given myself permission to take… read more Managing Me…

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My life in boxes….

and bags? The house I am not thankful for is yellow and green. Compliments of my May medical conundrum, and… read more My life in boxes….

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Time and Meaningful Conversations….

(I talk about my stewardship of time on Tuesdays, as I heal I am working out a regular writing schedule… read more Time and Meaningful Conversations….

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Two birthdays in one week…..

How we celeberated. My husband turned 32 on July 13th and my teenage boy turned 15 on July 15th. This… read more Two birthdays in one week…..

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Managing Goals….

Last month I tried, mostly in vain, to complete a full front page of tasks. They are for your viewing… read more Managing Goals….

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Saying No…

(Trigger Warning I discuss sensitive topics that may be triggering for some) even if it to your spouse or someone… read more Saying No…

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A collection of thoughts…..

I have much to be thankful for, a working fridge, running water, four walls with a roof,electricity, my kids, a… read more A collection of thoughts…..

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Some of life’s best moments are simply unplanned. As many of you know, (especially if you follow me on Twitter)… read more Unplanned…