Month: March 2020

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Managing Me on Monday….

This is what I want to talk about on Mondays. Truth be told, because I am trying to keep it… read more Managing Me on Monday….

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Today I…..

lost all track of time. (forget anything I have told time to do in the past.) My kids are out… read more Today I…..

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Lately I have been thinking……

You all know I am in beginning of reclaiming my life right? (Well if you did not, you do now.)… read more Lately I have been thinking……

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Telling my time…

this is not a time to panic. I really really want to panic. If I turn the tv on, I… read more Telling my time…

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Managing Me on Monday.

Self care was something until a few months ago I thought was selfish and I neglected it. I will be… read more Managing Me on Monday.

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This week I am thankful for….

An orange cat and his meow. Now there is a sentence, I never thought I would see myself writing. The… read more This week I am thankful for….

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On Tuesdays i like to….

tell you what I have been telling my time to do, or what it has been telling me to do…. read more On Tuesdays i like to….

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We had a money moment…..

this weekend. Leading up to this moment, I dealt with fatigue, anxiety, and even a little depression. I missed my… read more We had a money moment…..

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I am still….

toiling away attempting to tell time what to do. I use my planner with these colorful pens to give myself… read more I am still….

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What February looked like:

Financially. We had a master list of expenses that look like this: 850 for rent (or 892 if I incur… read more What February looked like: