Month: June 2020

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A Time for setbacks….

may be what my watch would reflect if looked at it’s face. I have stepped back from physical therapy for… read more A Time for setbacks….

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splattered, shattered, deleted, forgotten, placed on a shelf, crashed and bashed by yourself or someone else. Maybe even in a… read more Dreams…..

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Managing Positive Self Talk

is a new and foreign concept to me. I was just introduced to the concept today as part of behavioral… read more Managing Positive Self Talk

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Financial Friday 06/19/2020

Today I am battling against self inflicted discouragement. Since last Friday here are my money moves: Money In : 06/15/2020… read more Financial Friday 06/19/2020

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Financial Friday 06/12/2020

I really intended and half wrote a Thankful Thursday post, but emotionally my day quickly became strained and drained and… read more Financial Friday 06/12/2020

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Telling Time….

It is too late to create a managing me on Monday post. This is officially as of this moment, my… read more Telling Time….

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Financial Friday 06/05/2020

Doing a monthly report is too difficult for me to keep up with. I have decided to attempt to share… read more Financial Friday 06/05/2020

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It’s Monday…

I woke up to attempt to manage me or is it my day. Does it matter? There are so many… read more It’s Monday…