An Introdution to Me

Masquerade Jade

Freelance writer and Designer Artisan.

Not your typical cookie cutter template blogger. I discuss mental health, real and raw emotion, and surviving while attempting to live intentional everyday life. No matter how I carefully plan, life happens carelessly around me leaving layers of trauma in my path.

My life is a self created total mess. I don’t know if it can be reclaimed, but it will not stop me from trying. Pull out your device, grab your favorite snack or drink, and stay a while. I could be your next store neighbor, next to you in the grocery line, or eve your very best friend, your mom, your daughter, standing next to you with a smile platered on my face all the while facing struggles you know nothing about.

I speak my own language, and my mind is randomly active. I have no formal education beyond graduating high school. I am a 262 lbs walking, talking contradiction raising two kids, and nursing a fledgling second marriage that is on the verge of collapse every other day. I sport a cloak of deep depression sprinkled with layers of trauma and anxiety.

Welcome to Real and Raw ; A Hiding Place. My Drama Llama filled life.

Hiding in plain sight,

Masquerade Jade 🙂