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Taking Time..

To catch up…. I wanted desperately to be able to embed this link image on the site, but I do… read more Taking Time..

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Managing Me…

I have consumed, some tasty refrigerator, do not know what they are, left overs, and given myself permission to take… read more Managing Me…

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Time and Meaningful Conversations….

(I talk about my stewardship of time on Tuesdays, as I heal I am working out a regular writing schedule… read more Time and Meaningful Conversations….

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Managing Goals….

Last month I tried, mostly in vain, to complete a full front page of tasks. They are for your viewing… read more Managing Goals….

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A collection of thoughts…..

I have much to be thankful for, a working fridge, running water, four walls with a roof,electricity, my kids, a… read more A collection of thoughts…..

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Some of life’s best moments are simply unplanned. As many of you know, (especially if you follow me on Twitter)… read more Unplanned…

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Taking Time to Read…

I have a stacked up list including one number I cannot not disclose as it is a book review for… read more Taking Time to Read…

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Take a bath….

No excuses. No analyzing your size, or thighs. If you find it difficult to get in, go slow and steady,… read more Take a bath….

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Celebration Saturday?

I have stopped Financial Friday posts. I am not making or receiving anything (child support included). Perhaps I can do… read more Celebration Saturday?

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A Time for setbacks….

may be what my watch would reflect if looked at it’s face. I have stepped back from physical therapy for… read more A Time for setbacks….