Did your day turn out like you thought?

Mine didn’t. The temperature yesterday was like 84 degrees and my schedule that I am working on making had been decidedly set apart to learn about outside things, like composting buckets and growing things. I was going to make it a yard clean up day. The weather decided to be temperamental, it was only somewhere between 30 and 40 degrees and wet out when I got up. To brighten my day you can check out my https://www.instagram.com/p/B814LqLH3Q7/ to see what I wore.

So since there was a change in plans, and my day will mostly be inside, I thought I would share a money saving “flashback.” This post will tell you what we did and how we celebrated my daughter’s 9th birthday while spending as little as possible because as I have reflected no matter how much money I have or have not, it is never enough.

At the time, I had deemed there simply was no money for gifts. I was working, but November was a full month with my daughter’s birthday, Thanksgiving, my birthday, etc. I was living delivery to delivery so to speak (because I delivered food for a living). I wanted her birthday to be special, I think everyone’s birthday should be special but how to make it happen? I couldn’t do balloons and streamers, so we brainstormed on how to use what we had. A search of some weird closet compartment in my kitchen revealed left over paint from previous landlord repairs prior to our move in. We used said paint and repainted my daughters bedroom door and covered up damage that I’d rather not and she not remember how it occurred as we are on a path to healing.

Our Canvas so to speak!!!! My teenager actually helped with the painting…he doesn’t do much I have said he mostly stays in his room so it was a nice bonding experience for us!
This was the centerpiece, we used cardboard from boxes we store stuff in, scrap book paper (which I have a ton of thanks to a thrift store purchase like 7 years ago, The verse is Pslam 139:14

The other templates are cardboard cut outs we added more paper to, cut out words from magazines, sales paper, and anything else we could find that fit her personality. We left one heart open for her friends to sign with their names as they stopped by. Another is covered with pictures of horses from an actual vacation we took maybe two years ago.

Decorations were kept simple, The two candle holders on the table were purchased from a Yankee Candle fundraiser three years ago, and I used them for celebrations and regular decor alot. Definitely worth the 20.00 I spent on them back then. We threw a queen sized top sheet on the table as a cover. ( I do not use those on the bed I hate them. Just a fitted sheet and blankets for me!) The table runner was left behind by summer roommates. Now the other items on the table are her gifts. From myself she received a digital Kodak frame that I actually had earmarked for a yard sale item. I never sold it. I am unsure where the idea came from but I had an sd card, we dumped photos onto the card(as many as we could from her birth to present day, and a great memorable gift was born. We used EBT to make her a foodie basket from her brother. (Judge if you want but yes I currently receive and use EBT it is just how life is right now, but as you can see I am working here and sharing with you to get out of this situation, and other people get them to….it is a real thing.) I already had the basket we put the items in on hand. Her dad sent her the 20.00 she wanted to get her ears pierced. (she was a smart girl though, and it only cost maybe 12.00 to get her ears pierced at Walmart and she used the rest to get a 3.00 clearance pair of shoes, and I cannot recall what else, but she is learning to spread her money as far as it will go.) Her birthday card from us was literally one cut from a Little Debbie box from some cakes we had purchased, they always have something on the back of their boxes, games or gift tags depending on the time of year.

I did make her another gift that I had been planning on doing for years for Christmas, but never got around to it. Well when you want to make your daughter’s birthday special and do not have money to spend it is time to get done what you put off. So away to work I went.

My daughter wore this dress to Pre K when she was four. She still wore it for a couple of years as a shirt with leggins as she grew. She did not want to get rid of it.

So I kept it and created this instead.

A pillow that she used the very first night!!!!

My daughter already had been gifted the pillow years before from a sweet lady that we went to church with at the time. It was understuffed though, so I disassembled another pillow, and stuffed the pillow tight and used the only stitch I know to make the dress a pillow cover. She loved it all and zero funds spent out of pocket.

To celebrate her birthday, she did not want a cake, we hosted a bonfire in our back yard and had over my best friend and her family, along with some neighborhood kids. We did not plan activities, kids just played and jumped on the trampoline and made smores. Simple was fun. We fed everyone walking tacos….Something simple and no dishes to wash after!!!! (YAY for me because I loathe washing dishes.)

Oh so good you just crush the doritos, and add in your toppings like lettuce tomatoes sour cream…whatever you like!

I even got my husband on board with the frugal gift giving for this event. There were lots of things he considered buying and spoiling her with, but it just was not the best use of our money at the time. The Christmas before I had purchases him paint supplies, because he had mentioned he liked to paint. I purchased nothing fancy just budget stuff from the local Michael’s craft store.

He used those supplies to make this! She loved this as well, my husband did a great job. It now hangs on her door with the other decor. (I have got to get better at pictures taking.)

It does not matter if you are frugal out of circumstances, or by choice to save money, it can be fun, creative, and everyone can get involved. It was a memorable birthday party, with lots of gifts, and somehow my daughter still got everything she wanted including fresh flowers from my best friends son. Frugality does not have to mean depravity, neither does not having any money to spend.

I hope you enjoyed my money saving Flash Back.

Hiding in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade:)