Financial Friday 06/05/2020

Doing a monthly report is too difficult for me to keep up with. I have decided to attempt to share my financial moves, smart or not, on a weekly basis as I am able to.

This is the start of a new month, my husband, (at this moment does still reside here) and I had a financial discussion. We each wrote down our dreams/goals/desires along with our expenses. On June 1st he transferred $600.00 to me. I will add this to the balance that was already in my personal checking account and pay the rent which without and late fees this month will be $850.00.

One June 1st, $20.00 was transferred by someone to my paypal account and I now have a positive balance there of $23.89

On June first I spent $5.90 to purchase a my story isn’t over ring from a Hatful of Hearts on Etsy. (I hope the purchase is satisfying, I eyed different rings for self expression, and this was the most affordable, hopefully will last long option that I could find.) A bonus is the emotional heart included in the making of the item and it is a purchase that no matter how small will boost someone’s personal economy.

On June 2nd I spent $6.81 out of my checking account to purchase cat food at Winn Dixie. I also used accumulated points from my last shopping trip there to reduce the price from the $9.99 plus applicable taxes. (I usually make homemade cat food, and dog food, but there is something wrong with our not very old fridge, things are spoiling, and not very cold. With things spoiling quicker it is too hard for me to have to make everything from scratch right now to stretch things.) We just attempted resetting the breaker for the fridge and I am praying that will correct the issue. Dealing with my landlord to repair anything is a personal nightmare.

A date is important to my husband outside of the home on a monthly basis, and I do not know how much was spent on the date, because it did not come out of funds given to me. We do not share a joint account. We went to Chili’s to dine in, because I am quite frankly tired of eating in the car if we do leave the house. He treated us to Chili’s and I drank water, and had a coupon for free dessert to go with the dinner my husband purchased. I had shrimp tacos and my husband had something called the Boss burger. I ate Mexican Street Corn for the first time, and I want to make it at home now, along with shrimp tacos.

Shrimp tacos, my first time ever eating it, and as a diabetic I substituted Mexican street corn for rice. I did splurge my carbs on the molten lava dessert split with my husband.

On June 3rd, I spent $29.96 on personal care/self expression items through E.L.F cosmetics. I do not know how their points system works, but I plan to learn. I did qualify and use free shipping.

One June 4th, I was blessed abundantly and unexpectedly. I was whisked away, and my daughter tagged along (I still can’t drive or even walk quite right) to our local Goodwill, and I kid you not it was like a shopping spree at the mall that every girl could ever dream of. The cart was overloaded and I tried on many, many items. I think maybe 20 items in total were purchased, and I did not pay a dime of it, and I do not know who did. (For the first time in years, I have a pair of PJ’s that are not 14 years old and previously worn by my grandmother) I also had my favorite pizza lunch with my best friend. My door step revealed a pair of brand new shoes for my daughter that I decided to put away for her in the event school reopens in August. Along with the shoes was also $100.00 in Walmart gift cards apparently. $43.00 of the gift card remains. All the little things I never spend money on were purchased, laundry detergent, conditioner, dish soap, pens that don’t run out of ink, ( i hope) fabric refresher, and foam board among other essential to only me items, aside from dog food.

Today is June 5th, I personally have spent nothing and used zero funds that I have. I have done nothing to actually earn money, and the process of me applying for temporary disability was delayed today.

This week, my kids and I have done a couple of things to I want to say, save money. The house is now full of LED light bulbs, so maybe I won’t stress so much, and we can actually use a light source without me having a panic attack.

My masterbathroom is still undesireable, but we have been using mistint paint gifted to us to repaint it. It is coming along nicely, but I move at quite literally a snails pace.

I repaired several broken Christmas ornaments with Epoxy glue that I already had on hand.

A few weeks ago we saw dry erase calendars at the local craft store for $30.00. When my master bedroom was rearranged(still in progress) I found a frame with a wedding photo of me and my ex, I took all the pictures out and I repurposed one frame in to a dry erase board with a unique design using this scrapbook paper I bought many, many moons ago at a thrift store when I lived in Delaware.

I want to repaint alot of my furniture, because buying new is not an option, but for now I redid the top of the free to us dresser my husband’s tv sits on with some of the afore mentioned paper laid out to simply cover the surface of the cabinet.

I repurposed another old picture frame and glued christmas light holders to the glass to make a jewelry holder. I have very little “real jewelry” I have alot of fashion, and homemade pieces, or thrifted pieces. They used to all be tacked on my wall with thumb tacks, I am trying to redo my master bedroom, because it is not a space I love, but the Lord is not opening a door for me to move. Rearranging and changing things using what I have on hand is the best I know to do right now.

I do still use Fetch Rewards and Imoney to make money slowly online. I hope to as new medical appointments flood in, still find time and other apps to make a little spare change.

As of now there is no additional income for me, my online shop on the Youniquely You Treasures page is open, but a few pieces are no longer available, as they were gifted out during quarantine lockdown.

My ex either is either refusing to or is unable to pay child support. (He won’t communicate about the subject.)

Though I struggle to see my own value, I am starting to remember the value of those God has placed around me, and I can see I am abundantly blessed beyond measure.

Learning new value in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade :/

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  1. Dear Masquerade Jade,
    The past six weeks have been difficult for you. All of the details have obviously not been publicly shared, but reading between the lines of the blog entries paints a picture of angst, anguish, and despair. However, light appears to be penetrating the depths. I hope and pray the song linked to this blog a few weeks ago is your daily mantra. You are not alone; people are praying for you as well as helping you meet some of your needs.
    Do not give into the despair and keep hoping.

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