Financial Friday 06/12/2020

I really intended and half wrote a Thankful Thursday post, but emotionally my day quickly became strained and drained and that post will have to wait. Here I am today instead, with my money moves. Some smart and some not. I do not include anything my husband does anymore, since we are no longer of one accord on this matter. He didn’t give me anything this week. He has went back to part time food delivery, I am not able.

In financial matters here are my money moves since last Friday:

June 6th: I spent $10.00 on a fantastic not seen pattern of curtain panels for my bedroom from a local Facebook group.

Yes yes I know I still have a lot of work to do in this space.

I also spent $10.00 at the recommendation of my therapist, and treated my husband to an unexpected date (in the car) at Wendy’s getting the 4 for $4 special, in a medium size so there were applicable taxes.

June 7th: $0

June 8th: My husband opened a new account at a local credit union I belong to. I received a $25.00 credit to my account for the referral.

We also went on a husband/wife thrifting trip, since my husband didn’t get to go when I was previously whisked away by my bestie. I spent $9.36 on one nightgown, one pair of pants, and a painting canvas (new in plastic) that I will gift to my daughter for her birthday. I also netted three paper back books.

June 9th: $10.00 was paid from my account to cover our low income internet service provided by ATT.

On this day also a rent check of $850.00 was delivered to my landlord’s accountant office. (no late fees this month PTL!)

June 10th: $25.00 was transferred into my PayPal account. I have a wonderful sister in Christ that has a servants heart, and when she sell things, she she gives me part of the profits as God leads. There is a positive balance of $48.00 in that account.

June 11th: I received a child support payment of $115.38 and had previously promised the kids a fast food friend chicken dinner when I got the next payment, and I kept my word $42.36 at Popeye’s this is basically our family outing for the month. That was insanely pricey, and will not happen again for quite a while. (To be fair it fed us a total of three meals, but still….) We picked it up and brought it home as my teenager reminded me Covid is still a thing, and he and I are high risk. And quite frankly we have been through enough.

June 12th: Amazon order $42.41

I still have $43.00 in Walmart gift cards as well.

At a snails pace, I have been scanning receipts using Fetch Rewards, and earning a few Swagbucks here and there.

I, my son, and husband, have each painted a portion of the bathroom using mistint paint my best friend gave me months ago.

I picked up a basket while already out at an appointment for free and it had greenery in it. My son helped me hang the fake plant in the bathroom, and I kept the basket for storage and to actually use as a picnic basket. It cost $0. (local facebook buy nothing group)

Did I ever share with you guys during Covid my creation? I was like super sick during part of quarantine (our state is mostly open now) and we had this old tv my son and I tried and tried to fix, A big tv we just couldn’t repair. I love air hockey, we used to have a table years ago when he was three, but we never really used it. I don’t know what made me think of this. After a week of trying to give away the tv in a local buy nothing group, the tv was trash anyway and we created a hockey table type of surface.

Here it is tv 📺 hockey in all it’s home made glory.

It is transportable, and if my table was clean I could actually put it on top of it. We used the leg of a WII FIT board as the hockey puck and rubber duckies as paddles. Soap and or water make a nice slick surface in place of the air that doesn’t exist in this homemade table. (soap is best and we spritz it with water (like some people do for a slip and slide) The legs from the tv stand are the goals, and we use a dry erase board to keep score.

Its a fun way to re-purpose something we couldn’t use and if we break it so what. We can even take it outside for the kids to use with their friends.

Unexpected Blessings:

My best friend also blessed me with pressure washing my abode.

A case worker arranged weeks ago and a beautiful new ramp in on the front of the house even though I rent this.

Someone left a bag of groceries on the door step, we have eaten rice and mac and cheese from it.

Activities: We went to our local park June 5th( for the cost of gas only) and played Pokemon Go, while my son’s friend went fishing.

That is the sum of all I know. I am researching and praying about a lighter or easier to use device so I can write. My Younique To You page is still open. I hope to add some knitted items, and tshirt bracelets. If you are interested helping me obtain financial independence I accept payment via PayPal for now, and it is an account only I have access to. I plan on investing in my business and my skills, and I researching how to do this.

I am not yet healing, but I am…

Growing in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade ;$

2 thoughts on “Financial Friday 06/12/2020

  1. The curtains look beautiful. I love the pattern! Great price for them, too. I love that you found a birthday gift for your daughter at the thrift store, still in the package. I’m sure she will love it.
    Wow, that was an expensive chicken dinner! Used almost half the money you received in child support. I’m glad it stretched over three meals. But, yeah, I can understand why you won’t do that again!
    LOVE how you found a fun use for an unusable TV. Great way to recycle something that was bound for the garbage. Also love that you’re family had a fun day at a park. Always nice when you can find cheap entertainment ideas!!!! Great job this week!!!!

  2. My husband loves fried chicken but I rarely fry anything. He has found that he really likes the chicken at Walmart’s deli. He prefers it to any fast food place or other grocery store. I also encourage him to save the bones so I can make homemade broth from them.

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