Financial Friday 06/19/2020

Today I am battling against self inflicted discouragement.

Since last Friday here are my money moves:

Money In :

06/15/2020 : $10.00 sold an item on Facebook Marketplace.

06/19/2020: $26.76 Shelter in Place Payback from Esurance. I transferred this money to savings in an attempt to have something to pay towards car insurance once my six month policy is up.

Money Out :

06/13/2020 : $0

06/14/2020 : $20.00 I purchased a Jayne Seymour Open Heart Angel Pendant necklace. I have wanted one for years! Sometimes you have to treat yourself and make your own dreams come true!

06/15/2020 : $5.60 at Walmart for Yarn crafting supplies (I used my WM gift card balance.)

$.35 in taxes for blue mascara. (I used coupons to pay for the item and almost got it for free!!!!!!)

Yeah yeah I could have gotten laundry detergent and dish soap. I have held out for years on this purchase!

$16.70 out of my Paypal balance for health and beauty items ordered from Elf.

6/16/2020 : $126.00 for our electric bill

$9.73 monthly Netflix subscription

06/17/2020 : $7.49 Dollar Tree

06/18/2020 : $37.31 at Angel’s Diner

06/19/2020 : $0 Though I am considering using my Walmart gift card balance to purchase a Wind Machine brand fan. It is 87 degrees in this house. I will not be firing up the oven. The AC and fridge are both on the fritz, and getting my landlord to do anything is like having a root canal without anesthetic.

To make money, I have scanned receipts using Imoney, Fetch, and Ibotta. I also continue to use Swagbucks when I can remember. I loomed a doll hat out of yarn. I have a second one in the works. I created one anklet, and promoted my business on social media.

Doll hat!

I contributed to a post here. There was no pay for this, but I would contribute a thousand times over for resources like the highlighted article contains. Give her a follow she has great great mental health resources.

I continue pushing through a very slow because of me written book review.

I have not tried any other ways to make money. This is where I am at so far this month. I have put my wants and desires on hold and I have the money as far as I know to finish paying the bills for the month. The diner was an unexpected expense, but my husband was having a bad day (self created) but I was trying to keep any flames he might be feeling from turning into a full blown fire. It was a great time, and I really couldn’t afford it but it will be ok, and it is an experience we both have never had.

It is Florida’s oldest diner opened in 1932. Best Peanut 🥜 butter milkshake ever!

Trying not to melt,

In plain sight,

Masquerade Jade 😘

6 thoughts on “Financial Friday 06/19/2020

  1. I know there are many stressors in your life. May I ask, is your finances one of the bigger stressors?

      1. Would you mind if I’m blunt about some observations I’ve noted? I don’t want to upset or offend you. I’d really just like to offer some advice if you are open to hearing it.

  2. You’re extremely resourceful! Glad you were able to try out the diner. I live in Florida and didn’t know about it. Keep writing and sharing your journey– wishing you better days ahead.

  3. I love the doll hat! Have you tried doing surveys? I use InboxDollars. I need to get back to it since I’m close to being able to cash out! Great use of coupons!

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