Financial Moves on Friday:

Today I am sharing micro moves that have/or will allow money to be saved or at the very least, not spent. I shared on Tuesday how I am taking the time to use money as wisely as I know/can/learn how.

This is going to sound pathetic to some of you because you are in an absolute different place, but I am decidedly (after much fear/thought) okay with that.

As a couple, we have a financial savings goal of having a joint savings account and creating an emergency fund. The account when it began had $.65 in it. I transferred $.38 from the payment of $115.38 in child support I received this week into said savings account which will be for emergencies or moving. The account balance is at a total of $1.07. Right now I am at a place where I will not miss that $.38 each week, (I used to save the change to buy toilet paper at $.60 a four pack or $.78 for shampoo during the month) but now it will be moved microscopically to a savings category of my choosing.

Our charitable giving is still at 1% from what we are given through SSI and CS. Any money made online, unless it is from a sale in our shop is used to offset the cost of a bill that we may not be able to cover since we are not working right now. I am prayerfully considering a micro increase to 2% next month, to see if we miss the money or not, as the eventual goal is 10%.

I purchased 2 outdoor solar lights from Lowe’s to charge in the sun, and bring inside at night or on dreary days for light. I like to read, and my daughter, likes light in her room, I purchased two lights for a total of $20.00 and can end a fight that is hosted in her room each evening over bedtime and her wanting light. The solar lights are a solution that will not put any additional strain on one of the only bills I feel I have control over (electric.) I research up to three different places/types/locations for prices and the best quality for the money I am willing/able to spend. I chose Walmart online, and since I ordered a personal item with my discretionary fund, I got free shipping. This purchase becomes a triple or quadruple threat as they can be used inside/outside/won’t cost me money to use them, and could be used in a party or intimate setting as we are often having in yard bonfires amongst ourselves.

I shared previously about wanting an emergency personal savings. I have placed any change/money that I find in the medicine bottle I re purposed as a bank in my purse. I am up to $2.72. I find the change on the ground, in the house/car/couch/or an old purse when cleaning. I do not take earned money to add to this fund at this time.

We received multiple blessings. A bestie sent an Easter care package, and we participated in the handmade craft she sent us. All four of us! I have kept the re purposed adult coloring pages to actually color. (the reason I am so happy my daughter gave me a brand new pack of markers) I am coloring one as a surprise for my husband and will frame it in our room when done, as a just because gift for him. Extended family dropped off milk, fruit, grilled chicken sandwiches, chili, and a ton of milks from school lunches as their kids cannot have milk for medical reasons.

I had a special blessing when having a life skills moment with my daughter. She wanted a special storage system from the store for her room for snacks to go in. She had already spent her discretionary fund. I suggested that one cannot always throw money at a problem to solve it. I issued the challenge of being creative and finding a solution using something we already have. She found that I have a small plastic chest of three drawers that I keep my jewelry/craft supplies in. She wanted this chest of drawers. She has a drawer in her room that is plastic but has no chest. She sorted all of the items in said drawer into keep/toss/donate. I gave her my chest of drawers and now have condensed my jewelry supplies. (yep we bartered for goods in our own home.) She gifted me new in the box markers. (I never have these for myself, and I have been doing adult coloring lately) A Rubik’s cube,pencils,pens, and highlighters since I write so much. I also kept some stickers to hopefully write and brighten some letters to send out in coming weeks. No money spent. We both are using things we have, and saving money we may otherwise desire to spend.

Sometimes it really is the little things in life that literally make a big difference!

Hiding in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade 🙂