Lately I have been thinking……

You all know I am in beginning of reclaiming my life right? (Well if you did not, you do now.) I have been coming up with this unique to me way of thinking and designing my schedules (which I hope to share soon) and it involves me cleaning up neglected spaces one bag or shelf at a time(because any task when I have mental health issues can feel overwhelming). Do you know what can happen when you clean? You find things you were missing, or forgot you had. My daughter has been working on her own room under my guidance, and found a pair of shoes I had bought myself on clearance at Walmart and went missing In August 2019. I was so upset, because they were really the only pair of dress shoes I have (other than sparkly heals I can’t wear but won’t part with.) I had no idea how they could have disappeared. I had not worn them since a date with my husband (not the recent one.) I forgot to add when I wrote this post also organizing some things allowed me to find some missing jewelry that had belonged to my mother. She died when I was a young child, and I had kept the unpaired earrings because they belonged to her, since beginning to scrutinize the house, I have found the missing earrings, and now I can wear them as is without having to remake them into something. That was such a blessing to my heart that aches for the mother I never really knew.

When my husband and I went for walks sometimes we discovered things we wanted, or needed. We found a great Nike hat that I washed thoroughly for my son or myself to wear. A bracelet, two bolts, that I can use for making my own candles. He found a perfect piece of wood and made a gorgeous walking stick.

Over the last I would say six years, I have been in some stage of decluttering my life. I think more carefully now about what I am bringing in to my home and why. I do not need more things that will sit around unused. Myself proclaimed state of “we live in it with kids minimalism” has been achieved. I am at a place where I can just tidy up twice a week, and I would not be embarrassed if someone popped over unannounced (but we really never have company.) I cannot force anyone else in my home to go through their things the way I have mine, but I have witnessed my kids being more thoughtful of how much they will use something they spend their money on when they get some. My teenager has his own checking account that he actually makes deposits in. My daughter does not focus as much on toys like she used to. She got things she loves like a pillow and a blanket, a special sweet treat for herself when she had her own money. They did not purchase things that will sit around unused.

As we do clean up a little more and I scour the house a little more critically to see if there is anything left that we do not use, I found my son had two computer monitors in his room that I brought home from and old job that I left more than a year ago. He has never used the monitors. Alot of states are moving schools online in the next couple of weeks so people need computers. I asked my son, he agreed he does not and cannot use the monitors so we listed them in our local Facebook buy nothing group, and a gracious family picked them up. My personal spaces are cleaner and more organized (except my closet I may never ever address that) which is motivating my teenager to work on his space, because he is so particular with so many things, Mom’s space can’t look better than his.

I was outside under my car port dragging out our trash bins for collection yesterday. (Pray for our sanitation workers because they still have to work and touch our nasty, germy trash) when I saw sitting there for likely six months a vacuum cleaner we drug home from our neighbor’s house (their trash it was in their trash). We have already inside the house, a free to us Shark that only works for suction through the wand handle. I was thinking how it really is not getting our carpets clean just allowing me to get big pieces of stuff off the floor. We have alot of pets, and there can be alot of hair on our floor, it bothered me that I could not properly vacuum up dirt and hair off the floor. I decided not to worry about it, just to put a new vacuum like I used to have on my “she dreams of shopping list” and leave it there until our financial situation changes.(use what I have and make the best of it) Since I was taking out the trash, I pondered this vacuum that has been under my car port. Maybe it was time to throw it out. This one had never been tested, it was full of someone else’s gunk, was it worth my time? I decided to plug it in outside and it sucked up dirt in the car port. So i emptied the canister out in the trash, and brought it in for an official “in house” test. I had to carefully look it over and see how it works, but it does indeed work. I need to get the hoses properly permanently connected(which a little tape or a zip tie will work for) but I will be able to wholly vacuum our floors. It sucks up dirt and hair wonderfully. And guess what it is a special pet branded one! God answered my prayers before I knew I would need this item through someone else’s trash. I cleaned the vacuum up from being in the car port all those months with a rag with soapy water.

See proof!!!!

My question to you is, do you have things sitting around that could be an answer to something that you need or that someone else needs? I encourage you in this time to look around. Shop your own house for items you need. Find creative ways to use what you already have before you decide you need to go out and buy something else. Move pictures around in the living room to give it a new look. I dare you to take a picture from your living room and hang it in a different room to create a whole new look in each room.

If you have something you do not really need, you could sell something to make cash you need to pay for something you do need, (I personally tried this but nothing sold.) Now I am giving things away to people who need them. Maybe something you don’t need anymore is someone else’s answered prayer. You never know.

I have made connections with my neighbors, and received buttons and beads to use in creating things. One of my neighbors fixed my window on my Misfit Mustang saving me 75.00 just to have it looked at (sadly he got busted by a full on tactical team for something this morning by our county sheriff’s department, which is the reason I am up already, and have not had coffee but and writing to you. I live in a shanty shack, he lives in a tin can and they were setting off flash bangs.) I know this is a time of social distancing, but maybe somehow you can still safely, with caution network with your neighbors to meet each other’s needs. It is worth a distanced discussion at the least.

There is not time like the present, to evaluate, be creative,(using what you already have) and reinvent yourself, or your space, while administering self care, and the care of others.

(I wanted to share with you quickly a freebie on self care) from a fellow blogger through the 23rd of March

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  1. We’ve been decluttering too and have given away quite a few things we no longer needed. I don’t know where all the clutter came from, must have been a buy one get one deal. Have a safe and virus-free weekend and thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. It’s the perfect time to declutter! I’ve always been hesitant to throw things out but giving them to someone else or donating makes it feel so much better and I love seeing the space we’re creating. I’m able to relax so much better

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