Managing Goals….

Last month I tried, mostly in vain, to complete a full front page of tasks. They are for your viewing pleasure, listed below.

  • Blog improvement I did move over to self hosting through and I selected a theme.
  • Pinterest I did begin a Pinterest Profile, and began creating some pins, come on over and give me a follow if you would like.
  • Daily writing…. I did not accomplish this
  • Reading “Hidden Potential,” by Wendy Pope and finishing the study. I got behind at week three, Finishing this will carry over to August.
  • Podcasts …. I did not get to this at all.
  • Looming with my * Boye Loom, I completed a hat or two and a I have the wing done for a new project of looming an owl.
  • Inbox Dollars …. Forgot all about it.
  • Swagbucks ….. Big old no, I worked Appen and Amazon Mturk instead
  • Scan Receipts mostly accomplished though I missed one and just remembered two more from yesterday.
  • Get documents to Liberty University …. I did this, but this school is not God’s will at this time, as I have a trapped transcript from 10 years ago they need from an attempt at vocational school.
  • Book Review ….. Not done, I have set a new goal though to finish the book by next Friday and complete the report over the weekend and turn it in.
  • Create Daily ….. Daily is too much scaling back to once a week.
  • In Home Physical Therapy/Exercise … completed steadily for about a week and a half, but when the drama llama with home life tends to pay us a visit, I lose focus. I did however graduate from physical therapy in the rehabilitation center.
  • Housing? … I did not find new housing, but I am praying on blooming where I am planted and the kids an I over the last two months have been painting the bathrooms.
  • Appen I worked this app every day that I was eligible except for two days when things were emotionally out of control in home.
  • Mturk I checked daily and made about $10.00 with them this month.
  • Birthday’s My husband and son had birthdays just one day apart, God moved my spirit and allowed me to use things that I had and both parties had a great almost week long celebration of their birthdays
  • User Testing …. I want to retry to apply to do some side projects for them, my computer mic has been obstructed but my son did some trouble shooting and the mic seems to be functional now.
  • Sanvello App …. Epic Fail I cannot remember for more than a week to do this even with allowing the app to send me notifications.
  • Play Lumoscity for memory games (recommended by my speech therapist. I did this for the week I remembered to do my physical therapy.
  • Positive Psychology … I did not complete or even begin this course through Coursera.
  • The final thing on my list was to learn to use the camera’s I have to get better photos for my writing and pins. I did not explore how to do this at all.
  • Watch Better Call Saul … done it was a binge off and on with my teen.
  • Finish the bathrooms… they are three quarters of the way done for just the painting so a partial success.

For August I have made another list, and I will attempt to move forward in accomplishing things, I need the list to serve as reminder as my memory is in need of improvement. Do you make lists? Do you have any goals, I don’t want to keep wandering through my personal life without a sense of direction. I am choosing goal setting as part of my self care and management routine.

Here is to blooming where we are planted, with our current abilities, faults, frailities, failures, physical and mental capacities, level of education, and current skill set!

Will you join me in a time of moving forward and setting new goals this month?

I will be right here, talking about it,

In Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade 🙂

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