Managing Me…

I have consumed, some tasty refrigerator, do not know what they are, left overs, and given myself permission to take the day off from delivering food and groceries. Due to rapid housing relocation at the behest of my previous landlord placing our old place up for sale, I have spent hours, with my kids in the the car delivering the last week or so. I am an independent contractor for Grub Hub and Post Mates. I have trouble performing more than one task at a time such as checking a navigation screen and driving simultaneously. I have to be focused, and careful. Thus far my efforts have been rewarded, and we were able to come up with a deposit, and most of a first month’s rent for our new 600 sq foot apartment/town-home.

We had plenty of help to relocate, but it was hot, teenagers that should have been full of spark and energy were too zapped to provide projected energy levels in moving items, there was fighting between spouses divided, so seemingly everyone else felt they were the only one doing the work that we should have been doing ourselves, to move.

It just happens to be Monday, and I have internet access, thus I shall tell you how I am managing. Since waking up this morning, I have safely ensured that two children arrived at their appropriate brick and mortar schools. I have also played with two very large meatheads that I will be “watching for the next week and a half.” I was disappointed that the weather was gloomy, because the house I am sitting at has a pool. I decided to forgo the wait for a sunny day to swim, and swam in the heavy morning rain. It was just what I needed. The meatheads offer me sloppy kisses each time I come up for air, and throw their toy. I watched the rain fall from the sky and floated on my back. These last couple of weeks have been stressful event one after the other. Rainy pool time and cloudy sky = self care. (stop waiting for perfect conditions to make a moment memory)

My two favorite lunkheads to sit for!!!!

My financial list is hefty, with paying back a friend who fronted me the moving truck funds, and then car insurance, though I asked, and asked again, I cannot get an extension on that. Since my last post, I have received medication management, and I was prescribed three new medications, and I actually get a little bit of consistent sleep at night, which will prayerfully promote healing. I have also had a gastric emptying study completed, and there is a problem that explains my constant dehydration and low iron since January 2020. My appointment to evaluate what type of treatment is necessary for this newly identified condition is 09/04/2020.

The Drama LLama has visited quite often since the completion of our move, my friend’s keys were safely packed in with our things, I locked my keys in the trunk of my car, (had to pay out of pocket to get them out…no the seats don’t go down in a convertible Mustang,) lost my wallet for two hours, I was too tired and burned out to hook up the dryer on my own with a new cord we purchased at Home Depot, so I let my teenager do it and we shocked by standers in the process of connection and fried the circuit board of the dryer. We have since made a make shift clothes line out of rope. There have been more disagreements between spouses divided.

My Rat Dog, does not stop the barking at the new place, so if we are not home, he goes everywhere with us, (at this point he needs an ESA certification.) You can hear him outside of the building in the parking lot, and I cannot fund a training collar or class at this point. The day I locked the keys in the trunk of the car, I grocery shopped with him in my purse.

Life can absolutely be full of adventure, I am glad you have chosen to come along with me on mine. We have alot of personal appointments this week for physical and mental health, but I hope to get back to writing, and I am also prayerfully soon starting another writing adventure regarding the cities and towns that I live in or near! Say a prayer! Sufficient for the day is it’s own trouble, and I am satisfied to be able to be getting paid way to generously to hang out, swim, watch dogs, and do laundry! I have to go catch up on my bible study and some sleep! That is how I am managing for now!

Hiding in Very Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade 🙂


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