Managing Me on Monday

Today may not really be about managing me. The weather is forecast to soon bring us some nasty thunderstorms. Living in this “home” for the last four years has taught me that our power goes out….alot during storms. Down trees and power lines contribute to this outage of power. Our neighborhood is never one of the first ones to be up and running again once the weather is clear.

Here is what I am doing and how I am managing today. I am making some home made votive sized candles. The last time we had a power outage we used (previously purchased) candles through the house for the night. I may have a stray flashlight or two somewhere, but batteries are not something I often have or keep on hand. Candles work great, and I can create those using stuff I have on hand already. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I made my very first one last week. I have experimented with two or three different types of wicks after reading this post. Crayons in my experience are a fast and fun bright burn. I prefer burlap string, it ended up burning in my first home made candle overnight (by accident) but I am thrilled it worked! I am making candles slowly today. If the power goes out, it is most definite we will need some light.

We have a camping grill, a Coleman, that I neglected in the past, but still works despite no longer being pretty. It is left over from my relationship with my ex husband, he didn’t take it, so I kept that and the tent, and actually still use them! The grill runs off of little green cans of propane, which we were gifted in the afore mentioned power outage.

I know my dogs don’t enjoy going out in the rain, so I am being proactive this morning, since I was awake at 7 a.m. making sure they eat, and get exercise in the event that the weather changes.

This is our Golden Girl giving an upside down smile cuz she loves to play!

I am working on these things now because I have a two hour volunteer shift that will cut into my preparation time. I know we don’t really need to worry about water now because of the type of well we have, we can tap the water from outside if we need to. I will make sure the drinking water pitcher is full, and that kool-aid or tea is made. (Thank God we do not have a water bill!)

I have a very hot soapy sink full of dishes to wash after yesterday’s dinner. I hate washing dishes, thanks to a child hood memory that is more like a scar, so doing this is a difficult task for me. No one else in the house really participates often in this task, so you guessed it, it is up to me to get it done. I let things, soak, walk away, do other things, then go back to wash dishes in toasty warm water by hand. Dawn is the best liquid soap I have found to wash the dishes. I do not have the extra to spend on running the dishwasher right now, so with Dawn by hand it is. Should the power go out we may need dishes, and I don’t want to attract the trouble dirty dishes on the counter and sink can bring with it.(One bottle of Dawn averages me $.99 and has many uses. I actually use it to bathe my animals!)

I will shower today to ensure I am clean in case we lose power. With all the prompting I felt to make a candle, I am sure we may experience an outage. If not I will use the candles for something different, or save them for the next power outage.

To further preparation, I tell everyone to charge whatever devices they may want or need while we still have power. I don’t know about yours, but my kids become like puffed up iguanas ready to fight when there is no power. Hissing, grumbling, and they might actually bite! (Yikes).

Since homeschooling is the new norm, once I volunteer, and get my to do list accomplished, I will likely soak and scrub down the grill, and check the outside for things that are important or could blow away. I may prepare a pasta dish that can be eaten cold, and throw it in the fridge which can be dinner with or without inclement weather. I will also check the yard for debris, and things that can blow away, and put them away or weight them down. (I can’t exactly bring a six foot trampoline in the house.) Everything else will sit snugly under the carport until this event is over. I know weather is unpredictable, though the news anchors do their best to predict it, and we may never actually experience the storm, but I plan to be as ready as I know how, in the event the storm should come.

What do you do to get ready to weather life’s storms?

Let’s talk about it! Leave me a comment! I usually respond to all comments!

Hiding in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade 🙂