Managing Positive Self Talk

is a new and foreign concept to me. I was just introduced to the concept today as part of behavioral health therapy. There are 13 things suggested to tape up and say to myself daily:

  1. I can be the person I want to be
  2. I feel good about myself
  3. I am a nice person
  4. I will reach my recovery goals
  5. I am getting better every day
  6. I can achieve whatever I set my mind to
  7. I can succeed
  8. I can learn how to take care of my needs
  9. I can learn from my mistakes
  10. I will overcome my problems
  11. I can meet my goals
  12. I am making progress towards my goals
  13. I feel hopeful today

Of the 13 options above, I feel I can maybe agree with number 8, 9, and 12. I made a list of goals this month. I have not really checked off any yet, but there are still 8 more days in the month.

I start a new online Bible Study with the Proverbs 31 group today. The study is six weeks long and is working through the book, “Hidden Potential,” by Wendy Pope. I was gifted the book by a trusted friend that lives in my home state. She is a Christian sister and encourages me.

I have loomed two hats, one for a doll, and one for maybe a newborn. I plan to attempt my first adult hat in maybe rainbow colors this week, or some boot cuffs.

I am participating in many therapies, in an attempt to reconstruct myself after my undiagnosed health crisis in May. I have been participating in Physical therapy, Cognitive therapy starts this week, I was already in Behavioral Therapy, but I am now in two programs for that. On July 2nd, I start an actual instructor led class in Behavioral health. (this is a first for me.)

That is how I am managing me, not trying to be anything I am not, but moving to a place of self acceptance. I hope God does reveal through my readings, whatever my hidden potential in Him may be. Though, I cannot read a book in a day like I used to, my physical therapist, is thrilled I am reading at all, and I have progressed from reading one page to to three, to a chapter at a time in the last couple of weeks.

I am still finding out what if any tools will work to help me remember all of my appointments and tasks. Maybe you have the gift of organization. I do not, and current limitations have made life alot more messy for me. I was randomly active before, and now I really can’t complete even one entire task.

What works for you? I have my handy dandy planner! I have a cell phone with timers, reminders, and a calendar, but I still forget things. Are you are caregiver with some handy tips for me, that I could share with others? Trying to reconstruct myself, create an income, heal, be a wife, a mother, daughter, a friend, is extremely difficult right now. Self acceptance is the main goal over the next month and for the remainder of this one. What is yours?

Hiding in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade

I leave you with an old fun photo until I can take new intentional ones. You are a worthwhile possibility and so am I!