Mondays are quickly becoming….

The days when I share about how well I am managing myself. I am at least trying to manage myself anyway. Whether or not it is well, remains to be determined.

I am beginning to develop routines, that can go with the ebb and flow of life. Praying to prepare and how to expect the unexpected.

At first I tried to do everything at once. A bunch of small projects in varying stages to appease my radomly active personality. Some plans and personal goals I made but did not meet, are not a failure, but a work in progress. I tried to change all at once, but for me, baby steps are more effective at this time. (this can apparently look different for everyone) Though, it feels slow to me, some changes are fierce and fast to my family.

People are working on Financial Independence, while I am just starting to get a grip on my personal finance, and be more intentional with it, I have have thought on lessons, past, good, bad, indifferent, my fault or circumstantial, the importance now being I am learning and paying attention. I am giving myself grace, room to grow and make mistakes.

I take alot of notes because alot of things run through my head. I have to use what is available to me. (this too can look differently for each person/situation/family) I have notes in my planner,* notes in notebooks that are left over from my children’s school work. I preserve their work in the front of the books, and paper clip different sections with goals. I have started writing a book with plain loose leaf paper, a left over folder from the school supply stash, and a good old fashioned ball point pen. I text myself notes on my cell phone. (Yep I actually text myself, notes, I use Siri to set alarms and add reminders) It is ok, to need help. (You can even use these methods potentially to help yourself if there is no one around to help you.)

I use a free app to remind me to take my medications. Now I have added a second free app to track my water intake because it is so imperative to my personal health, and a goal I am slacking on. My doctor called me this week. Dehydration is still a problem for me. I am on a path to remembering meds, marking them as taken, and not getting confused about rather or not I have taken my medications during the day or night is definitely helping improve my health in some ways. (if you are supposed to take medication, it cannot work if you do not take it.) My blood glucose level is down from 10.7 to 8.9. Medication is not the only reason for the change, but it is a tool.

I know where my money is going. I do not always know how much is coming in. I have a monthly rough draft of what I can expect to need. I wrote down a master copy of our expenses. I use an old school binder, filled with loose leaf paper and dividers left over from a friend who used it to do extreme couponing and gifted it to me when she was done with it years ago.

Nicely re purposed, made from materials I already have in my home! I cannot afford to buy one or print one.

My husband and I are not on the same page financially, yet. We have gentle conversations about our money and brainstorm together how to meet/or balance each other’s needs/wants. I now know what is important to him, and I have included his expenses and the money he brings in our financial picture. (Before he used to just give me $300.00 as a basic roomate type agreement, and the rest of the bills were my responsibility, which left room for bitterness to creep in when I felt the financial burden was on me. ) Over the last couple of months we are learning more ways of making our money work together. We discuss (most of the time purchases before they are made, now.) No more $100.00 bills dropped on at home firework displays when there are bills to be paid.

My money goals as far as savings, are looking to be microscopic, I am decidedly okay with that because I need something attainable. I wanted my first goal financially to of course be saving what I can on my Master Copy of bills, and be able to pay them on time and in full. I want an emergency fund, but that for me at this point, is a joke. My next thought changed, to a story I read on Social Media about a person who had a $50.00 bill in his wallet for emergencies. Even more laughable for me. What is attainable? Not even a $10.00 bill for emergencies is feasible. I went as low as my brain can fathom, and thought $.0.50. That is tangible for me right now. I have some loose “spare change” we were using to purchase household items with, but I ended up not needing it. It was in a medicine (upcycled/repurposed as a bank) bottle on the table. There is $0.50 in that bottle. So my next goal is a literal one dollar bill in my wallet for emergencies, it may literally only pay a toll, but it is a start, and motivation.

I have been taking on big cleaning projects and breaking them in to small parts. I mentioned before at times, if I can only mentally or physically handle just one shelf, I do one shelf, or one part of the shelf at a time. Baby steps. When I clean, the trend as of late is finding missing or needed things.

Missing things: My clearance bought dress shoes that were in my daughter’s room

My mother’s jewelry, I do not have alot left of her as she passed when I was 7, I had held on to just one earring here and one earring there to repurpose/upcycle into something new, but finding the original mates, was an answered prayer and sweet and warming to the deepest part of my soul. To actually be able to wear earrings my mother wore over 30 years ago. Priceless!!!

We have found things while cleaning that we have a literal need for. Today I do not know why, maybe it is because I have been on a reclaiming my life/home streak, my husband pulled one of our couches out from the wall. This gave me a chance to clean behind it. We seriously found a twin sheet, I have never seen before, a new pillow case, and a towel, all of which we desperately need. I hate my pillow without a case, I was about to attempt to sew one. The twin sheet can either be used as a couch cover on our cushions to give the space a new vibe, or actually be used on my daughters bed to change out the sheets on her bed, and give the room a new look.

I have been looking high and low, to keep myself busy, use what I have, stretch out old things, and make new things. These can all, at times be a form of therapy. One such project this week was repainting our coffee table, which doubles as a storage unit and a workstation/surface to eat on….was used as a tv stand in the past, but is now also a drawing station, a place for encouragement and to play games, since I painted it with a coat of chalkboard paint(okay you got me three coats of paint) By painting it and drawing on it, I help eliminate the space becoming a dumping ground for any of our items cuz we don’t want to mess up the pretty picture or interrupt an intense ongoing session of tic- tac- toe. Sidewalk chalk is what we drew on it with. It is an item that would be relatively inexpensive if you do not already have some, or chances are your kid has some laying around. ( My 9 year old daughter had some laying around from I believe a birthday gift in November 2019.) In the past I have straight up bought some from the dollar tree, and even once at a garage sale for dirt cheap still brand new in packages shaped like eggs with chicks in them.

Somewhere out there, there is someone who has much more than I do, and needs to learn how to see it and use it better. Somewhere there is someone just like me, who had no idea they could do these things to change their life. There is also someone out there with even less, and needs to see that you can take intentional microscopic steps, if necessary to change your situation. Look, listen, Learn, I will too!!

As always, it is a joy(to me) that you visited my personal piece of cyber space.

I am still Hiding in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade 🙂

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