Not a fun Friday

I am posting from the app today for the first time. I had great plans for a post but after everything going today the opposite of what I want I do not have the heart ♥️ to write.

I am aggravated because a lot of the changes I have been making cake a little undone today. Things spilled out of the refrigerator into the floor. Half the 🏠 made candy spilled as well and I just need to chill. Dinner 🥘 is made and blankets got washed. For the day I am ✅

And the icing on the proverbial cake 🎂 is that I ruined my toilet by cleaning it!!!

I am sorry 😐 I did not write something better and more inspiring today. But I did say I would be real.

3 thoughts on “Not a fun Friday

  1. They say life likes to hand you lemons. But in my experience, life really prefers to chuck the lemons at your head and laugh while it’s doing it. So the question is, when will you learn to duck?
    I know you are trying really hard to get your life in a better place. Learning how to be prepared will really go a long way. When I was going through a really tough financial downturn, I realized I just couldn’t come up with the money I needed for gifts and seasonal traditions (like Christmas, Easter, birthdays, etc.). But the great things is that I knew they happened every year and I know exactly when they would happen. So, I started a gift stash, which also included a candy stash.
    I knew that at Christmas, I would need gifts for the family and stocking stuffers. I knew at Easter, I’d need to put together Easter Baskets. I knew I needed birthday gifts for my child each year. I started to shop the sales all year long for those items, and buy them when I found them at super deep discounted sales. I watched for cute clothing (if your child is growing, buy a size or two bigger than they currently are, so they fit the next year), or gift type items (eg throw pillows, blankets, seasonal toys, beach towels/flip flops, slippers etc) when end of season sales were put out. This includes all seasons, not just after Christmas. After all, a skipping rope or sidewalk chalk is perfect for Easter baskets or possible birthday gifts). During school sales, I would snap up things like crayons, pencil crayons, markers, cute erasers etc. to use in Christmas stockings, Easter Baskets or as part of a birthday gift. The day after Halloween, I got up EARLY and hit the stores for the discounted chocolate to use as Christmas stocking stuffers (look for candy that is not Halloween themed, unless you think your teen son & hubby would find it entertaining to get coffins and eye ball candy at other times of the year). The day after Christmas & Valentines, same thing, but for Easter baskets. If I found short dated or discounted candy, I would buy those, too. Oh, and that candy stash can also be used to decorate homemade birthday cake for an extra special birthday surprise as well. If you happen to get any freebie items that would work for gift items (chap stick, candy, promotional items, etc), tuck those away too. You can also take some time throughout the year and make a few simple gifts to add to the stash (like hair ties or jewelry for your daughter from things you already have in the house…hello Pinterest!).
    Remember, you may not always have a lot of money to spend. It’s perfectly OK to be selective and only buy if you can afford to. It might only be a discount $0.50 chocolate bar, or a clearance $2 T-shirt, and that’s ok. The point is you now have something put away. If you keep doing this very slowly throughout the year, it will add up. Make sure you hide everything in a place the kids/husband can’t see them, but you know exactly where they are (maybe keep it in 1 spot in your closet). If you have nosy family members, make it clear they are not to look through or touch this stuff! And you must commit to you not touching it either, until it is needed! Yes, this will take time to do. So don’t expect it to happen all at once. Learning to live within your means is a journey that never really ends. So don’t worry as much about the destination. Just keep putting 1 foot in front of the other, keep doing what you can with what you have and don’t forget to duck when life chucks the lemons at your head!!!

    1. Thank you Rhonda. I have done some of the things you mentioned in the past. I will put it to use when I can. I did finish the homemade birthday gift 🎁 for the neighbors little girl and my homemade candy is ready for family as of this morning. My gift this Easter is mainly just good 🥘 made here at the house.

  2. I pulled out an egg dying kit bought on clearance a previous year for my autistic teen daughter to dye some boiled eggs. We will use these eggs to do an egg hunt or two tomorrow, then we put them in the fridge to eat for breakfast, for egg salad sandwiches or deviled eggs. Cheap, simple Easter fun. I already had a bunch of treats and ear buds, bought on sale, to make up an Easter basket.
    Her birthday is next month. I have a big, soft, fluffy heart shaped throw pillow I bought after valentine’s day, 2 pairs of capris pant bought on clearance and more ear buds to give her as a gift. It feels good to know I am covered for her gift, even with reduced income and stay at home orders in place.

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