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Thankful Thursday

The trend as of lately is to share what I am thankful for on Thursdays. Today, I am thankful for… read more Thankful Thursday

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Telling my time….

It is time to use money wisely!!! I have not had time to develop the financial picture that would show… read more Telling my time….

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Managing Me on Monday

Today may not really be about managing me. The weather is forecast to soon bring us some nasty thunderstorms. Living… read more Managing Me on Monday

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Not a fun Friday

I am posting from the app today for the first time. I had great plans for a post but after… read more Not a fun Friday

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Today I am thankful for….

Time, (no it is not Tuesday, which is usually when I talk about time.) I knew that Spring was fast… read more Today I am thankful for….

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Today time is telling me…

I am tired. Just like that…no warning. No underlying reason that I can identify. I want to nap, but anxiety… read more Today time is telling me…

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Mondays are quickly becoming….

The days when I share about how well I am managing myself. I am at least trying to manage myself… read more Mondays are quickly becoming….

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A little Friday Fun….

It is Saturday now, and boy today is not the day I planned. The start of the day was a… read more A little Friday Fun….

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It is Thankful Thursday….

I can’t not think of what to write. My inability to focus is crippling. I do not understand what is… read more It is Thankful Thursday….

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Telling my time…

Or is it telling me today? I told my time that it is time to work. I was my husband’s… read more Telling my time…