Take a bath….

No excuses. No analyzing your size, or thighs. If you find it difficult to get in, go slow and steady, sit on the edge if you have to and lower yourself down. Toss some of your favorite Epsom or bath salt in the water. Fill the air waves with music that soothes your soul, and lock the door. If you don’t have bubble bath, you can use shampoo, left over shower gel, or go without the bubbles.

I have found this process to be safe, rejuvenating, and comforting. I have a standard size tub in my guest bathroom, and I always assumed I couldn’t fit in it. After an argument had last week, I fled to the guest bathroom, I turned on the shower head and let cold water run down on me and sat on the tub floor. My body acted like a water dam, preventing it from draining, so I curled up and laid in it for 20 maybe 30 minutes. It was a retreat, when there is no other kind to be had in the middle of pandemic living. I enthusiastically escaped reality with my daughters swimsuit Barbie and rubber duck. (She has like a family of 20 rubber ducks that live on the bathroom medicine cabinet mirror.)

My teenage son and I both use this mask, and I can say this month, my skin has been happier, and pores are visibly smaller for both of us.

A moment to manage me, to not worry who was waiting outside the door with unmet expectations is completely priceless. Occasionally I rub a clay* mask on my face before I rub a dub dub. (My skin acts out like I am a pubescent teenager.) A moment like this can cost you little to no money to care for yourself. If you are feeling fancy, invite your mate, and make it a double scrub a dub dub. We have a larger tub in our master suite, that has imperfections, and I have to stuff the drain with a zip lock bag to plug it up, but we make it work. You can even throw on swimsuits and share the tub with a kid. Have a mom/daughter in tub spa type of moment.

I encourage you to use what you have. If you haven’t done it already now you have a perfect reason to scrub that tub, and make yourself a home made retreat.

Soaking in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Take a bath….

  1. Hmm, baths aren’t a thing for me, but they used to be when I was in my twenties. Just don’t enjoy them like I used to. Definitely a cheap way to relax,and help your mental health though!
    I do have some inexpensive ideas to “elevate” your bathtime experience. If you suffer from dry skin during the winter months, try squirting baby oil in the nice warm bath water (the cheap version of using bath beads). You have to be careful, as it does make the tub very slippery and you will need to clean the tub after to remove any oil residue. But man, does your skin ever feel soft and smooth after a good oil soak.
    Another cheap luxury bath idea is to use Epsom salts in the water. A cheap bag of salts are available at the dollar store, or you could price out a bigger container (try Walmart in the pharmacy/personal hygiene section). If you want to make the salts even more luxurious, essential oils can be mixed into the salts to add calming scents. A little goes a long way, so a bottle of essential oils (which might be a bit pricey) should last for a long time. Some people even make scented Epsom salts to give as gifts! The salt also makes your skin feel soft.
    I’m glad you have found a little oasis within your chaotic household. May this be a good start to your emotional self healing journey!

    1. Thank you Rhonda I had wondered if you could put baby oil in the water. I will try that. An oasis is a great term maybe I will make a sign for the bathroom door!

      1. Just be really careful. The oil does make the tub very slippery. So if you are having problems with mobility, be aware this might cause problems for you. Considering all the health issues you’ve had to deal with aready, I think you would rather not have to go to the hospital after cracking your head open from a fall in the tub!

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