Telling my time….

It is time to use money wisely!!! I have not had time to develop the financial picture that would show you what the month of March looked like for us. (I am still getting my budget binder organized in a way that works for me) As you may nor may not know, we are already half way through the month of April. We spent zero dollars on Easter out of pocket, I have been decorating using things we already have, simply by moving them around.

We received our stimulus money today. I am praying that the Lord will show me how to use it wisely and what is or is not of Him. There is also the needs/wants/and opinions of others/feelings to consider. We do not always agree or understand one another when it comes to money in this home. So far, I am catching up the rent, and paying one month ahead. On that we can agree.

I make money slowly online:

For me personally so far, I use Swagbucks (referral link if you use this to sign up I believe you get 500 points and so do I.) This month using them I made $35.00 which is over half my cell phone bill this month. For some reason my bill is $63.00 instead of $78.00. I set a monthly micro goal of 17 swag bucks daily so that I average at least 5.00 monthly. If I make more that is amazing, If I don’t it is $5.00 I didn’t have.

I also use Imoney app (compatible with I phone only) I can give you the referral link if you send me a DM on Twitter.

I read this article which is an amazing read, and so far I applied to Amazon’s MTurk program.

I also made my first sale through my affiliate link with Lume* pre-oderant (affiliate link, if you want to give them a try, please consider purchasing through my link. I get a small commission at no additional cost to you!) I have watched all of their get started videos, and I cannot wait to receive their sample box!!!

I will do research on anything that we decide to purchase to get the best price, rather it is free, second hand, online, or in store. I am prayerfully allotting everyone $30.00 for discretionary spending.(no judgement or coaxing on my part) We are paying a yearly membership fee up front to save $40.00 for the year. I was 200.00 behind in student debt payments, but the government has placed a forbearance on it. I paid an extra 100.00 on it and am prayerfully considering buying a small chest freezer, so that we can freeze food as needed.

We cooked a large pack of Italian sausages, the other day, and I have begun shredding my own cauliflower into rice because i can pay $2.88 for a head of cauliflower shred it myself and get the size I like for rice, and freeze it in freezer bags, and get more in my personally shredded bag, than the green giant bag (already done for you) I found at Walmart. Eating cauliflower instead of rice keeps my blood sugar at a lower level. Armed with this information, and the goal of obtaining food independence, I have developed a desire, and felt need for a freezer. (I used to own one but sold it in the past to pay bills) On this my husband and I do not yet agree, so the purchase has not been made.

I cut myself the first time I shredded my own cauliflower.
I will shred my own every chance I get!!!

We did make what I am dubbing micro purchases and bought a new can opener. (the .88 one I bought a couple of months ago blows,) and allows me to cut my fingers on the edges of can lids. So we bought a Tfal one today for $5.97 which will cut a smooth top on the can lid. I had one of these in the past for years and it just broke a couple of months ago. We use handheld ones, I hate counter top ones. For the kitchen, I also picked up a cereal storage container, and a sturdy spoon. $14.39 plus tax was spent for the kitchen.

We did fill our gas tank for $25.85. I accidentally somehow ended up putting premium gas in the car, I know I hit the regular button, but the argument with the cashier was pointless, I was stuck with the gas I got at that price. I swear I did not hit that button! (obviously I must have) Idk.

We did take a reader’s advice and try to shop after Easter sales, but I didn’t find much, just hair ties (that will break my hair less or double as a bracelet) and also a cute coin purse. My daughter found quite a few things. She used up her $40.00 which was the her $30.00 discretionary fund, and her $12.50 from a gift card that we got for Easter.(yes I did my math, we have taxes.) She purchased room decor, and upgraded her space, a mother couldn’t be prouder, and she happily explored all her options of clothes, toys, etc, but decided to make her space something she loves. (we have also been enhancing her space by using things we already decorated the house with but moved some of it to her room instead.)

My bunny coin purse is the green one, my daughter got the pink, so we can tell ours apart. Cost for these items, $5.42.

$39.55 went to a local restaurant, non commercial chain as a way to support our small businesses the only way we know how, and bonus, I didn’t have to cook, and my son got to try a place he has been wanting to try for months!

That is about all our stimulus payment wrote, with the exception of $60.00 for pharmaceuticals that our insurance does not cover. I also replaced my laptop charger, so now I can work/study/create/make money slowly, without having to wait two hours for the lap top to charge, and then, take it off charge to use my laptop. It’s a long story just to say that basically my laptop charger did not properly work. I am pretty sure it isn’t the one that came with the laptop when it was purchased. I bought one for $34.88 plus tax at Walmart. It works for my laptop but not my husband’s. Oy! (a problem for another day.)

I feel like we have made good choices thus far. This month we will do better than last month. We will make our money work smarter. There isn’t really anything for savings, but that is ok. We are now currently caught up on everything as far as I know. I am content. I don’t have a car payment. I will continue to look at ways we can use what we have, and make good or at least better choices. I will give us grace when we mess up. We will keep pushing forward. In a positive direction if that be the Lord’s will.

Trying to use my money wisely while,

(you guessed it!)

Hiding in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade 🙂

3 thoughts on “Telling my time….

  1. What a positive post. It exudes pride and happiness! It sounds like you really thought heavily on how to use the money you received and made as many good choices as you could. Way to go!!!
    I agree, a freezer will be helpful to help you stock up better. However, sometimes it takes time to get the equipment you need. It took me several years to obtain much of the equipment I use to save me money. So don’t feel you have failed, because you don’t have support of this purchase yet.
    Keep watching for a used freezer. That is probably the cheapest way to obtain one. Don’t be afraid to put the word out you are looking for one one the cheap. Someone may have one they want to get rid of for free.
    In the mean time, look at ways to stock food using what you already have. Maybe focus on building up your shelf stable items to start, like pasta, rice, baking supplies, and canned goods. Try to buy items that help make balanced meals, including canned meat, veggies and fruit. Also, keep researching easy, healthy recipes that use pantry items. The more meal ideas you have to pull from, the easier it is to throw together a simple, healthy meal quickly.
    My family is currently obsessed with quesadillas. You can put just about anything in them, can make them to individual preferences, and they are fast to make! If you would like more ideas, feel free to email me. I would be happy to send you more recipes and meal ideas!

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