Telling Time….

what to do in an effort to organize my chaos is what I have been trying to do this month. I would like to tell you that I wake up glowing every morning before my family wakes up and spend time with Jesus and make breakfast and am the best “Suzie homemaker” ever. That would be far from the truth. I barely get up at 7 am to make sure my daughter gets up for school, I am more haggard and growling than glowing. Right now my hair seems thin, and a mess because I like to color it raven black, and my roots are showing. They are blonde, but look gray against the dark color so everyone assumes I am old. The lady that picked us up yesterday thought my husband was my son. Ok he is 31 and I don’t care how unkept I look I do not look old enough to have a 31 year old son. I did my hair, wore my glasses and earrings yesterday, up to that moment I had thought I looked pretty good.

I am striving as part of self care to give God a consistent part of my day. I was listening to an online sermon about marriage this morning. I did sit with my daughter and pray over her as she laid her head in my lap. I don’t know that she believes in Jesus yet, or has accepted him as Savior, so I have been trying to have intentional conversations with her just to see what she knows. At the very least I can let her see him work in my life.

I spoke to a personal friend just about everything I have going on, I am trying to read regular books, do self care, bond with my husband and cultivate a healthier marriage, bond with my teenager who never comes out of his room except for food and a shower. Then there is blogging, making jewelry and art, bible reading and teachings, mental health, taking care of the home and pets. All these things are so chaotic, and while I don’t expect the chaos to change, I would at least like to manage it better. How do I get everything done. Everyone has several appointments each month, it just feels like there are not enough hours in the day even though I am currently unemployed and home all day. (I have no idea how those that work outside the home for extended hours handle it.) I came home one day to a surprise* in the mail. This has been a great tool to aid in the organization of my chaos.

I have written on the pages what I want to do, I do not always get it all done. It still helps to have a template of goals, even if I have to move them around to accommodate the ebb and flow of life. I have signed up for every free course I could find about saving money, making money, and blogging. Everyday is an adventure. I also considered prayerfully how I can use some of the empty time I have, and I have signed up to partner with a local radio station to take one day a week a two hour shift to pray with others. My planner will be super helpful to manage all this.

(I do daily have coffee with my husband when he gets up, (he brews better than I do) Apparently he reheated coffee this morning and I took a drink and something was in my mouth. I had hoped the cup was just dirty but nope I pulled a literal fly out of my mouth….this is the Mondayest Tuesday ever.)

yep totally not drinking that coffee now.

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Your time is valuable, thank you for sharing a piece of it with me and stopping by. I hope there are no surprises in your coffee. Be blessed.

As Always, Hiding in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade 🙂