Thankful Thursday

The trend as of lately is to share what I am thankful for on Thursdays. Today, I am thankful for blogs. Not just that I am able to write one, but blogs written by others as well. I am thankful for blog hops as well. Reading other’s blogs is a big thing on my to do list, and I need to take the time to get more of that done.

I want to share with you some of the blogs I am thankful for and have been using to learn, to read, to grow from.

Christian Faith Based:

Regarding anxiety:

Learning about money: (absolutely speaks my language…so relate able for me) (she also has great tips I am gleaning about gardening) (one of my favorite frugal blogs so far)

Blogs hops: (hosts on Thursdays) (hosts on Fridays usually)

And quickly becoming another favorite of mine for learning is the comments from you, my readers!!! I cannot thank you enough for being alongside of me!

Hiding in Plain Sight, ( linking up to some of the blogs listed above)

Masquerade Jade 🙂