Younique To You Treasures

is a business re-branded as I attempt to become financially independent. My kids and I are putting our known and unknown talents to use, in an effort to make and sell treasures that are unique to you, to create our own income stream. I know you will find that “speaks to your heart” piece.

#1 is a pair of fashion silver dangling earrings with clear and black accents. Price 6.00 which includes shipping.


Each item is hand crafted.

To You

We are so glad you took the time to stop by and browse.


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#4 features a centerpiece glass bead that is shaded in gold, on a fashion silver chain. It is approximately 8 inches clasp to clasp. Price is 15.00 including shipping.
Item #10 is a a stretchy elastic style bracelet which features wooden beads, assembled with clear plastic and green glass beads. Price is 5.00 which includes shipping.
We do have one painting currently for sale. Created by hand on an 11 by 14 canvas. Price is 20.00 including shipping.

11 by 14 canvas as pictured $20.00 with shipping (some days we just need a reminder makes a great gift!)
Item number#13 is made for someone that the number three is important to. You will pray and know this bracelet was made just for you. This bracelet was recreated until I did the pattern God laid on my heart to do. Sounds crazy I know but when you find it you will know it is for you. Elastic bracelet with dark multifaceted bead with three main beads being polished
granite. Versatile can be worn with oval as the center pieces or three granite beads as center focal point. 7.00 includes shipping.

Item 15 4.00 shipping included! Elastic cord that is durable if you do not yank on it!

TO PLACE AND ORDER PLEASE SEND AN EMAIL WITH YOUR ITEM # TO Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis. We will also establish payment and shipping information at that time. We currently accept payment via Square, and PayPal.

Celebrating all that is unique within you,

Masquerade Jade 🙂