Today I am thankful for….

Time, (no it is not Tuesday, which is usually when I talk about time.) I knew that Spring was fast approaching, and I did some things to redecorate the house using what we have. I spent zero dollars, just prayed and went around the house as my eyes opened and moved some things around, a little each day, carefully cleaning whatever space I work in.

I forgot that this Sunday is Easter. When we went to the grocery store I remembered, but I forgot to get the $1.00 chocolate crisp bunny pops I usually get everyone. (In years past, baskets were bought, but not until after Easter was over,(clearance prices,) the year I separated from their father I did nothing, Free events hosted by churches, or libraries have been attended.) With current circumstance, I am not going back out to the stores to get said forgotten bunny pops. We did not buy a special Easter dinner, because everyone in this house has different tastes. I did happen to be able to land some chicken breasts, and my hubby agrees make his home made tenders. (Everyone loves!) I will pair that with some dinosaur pasta, because that was the only pasta on the store shelves and my daughter picked it out, thought it would be fun, and not cost anything extra, and make macaroni and cheese. (also from scratch)

Should make for an interesting pasta dish. It was $1.58

My tentative Easter plans, (as of now, gotta be ready to go with the ebb and flow of life!) are pancakes for breakfast with chocolate chips and sprinkles for those that want them.

I have to volunteer by text for two hours.

Lunch :Up in the air probably just some snacks while we have Church on the coffee table. (My husband attended our local church together online through the lap top this past Sunday.)

Dinner is made from scratch chicken tenders, mac n cheese with the dinosaur pasta, some Red Lobster Cheddar bay biscuits mix, and likely green beans.

Dessert will be a “cake” A Duncan Hines yellow cake mix with a spring color frosting on top with sprinkles.

If all goes as planned, I will be making later today since I have time, some chocolate covered peanut butter balls, because they are my gift to my family for Easter (cuz I did not and am not buying anything) along with being part of a birthday gift for two people outside of our home.

I am glad there is still time left in my day. I am using up oranges from free school lunches gifted to us by family, using the peels to make cleaner, the fruit for juice, and germinating the seeds, the rest will go to compost to ensure no waste. (oh the juice is for Easter breakfast, this is the first time I have ever had or made natural juice, in my blender)

I also need more time to clean up the areas I will be using to make candy, I refuse to bake, roll out dumplings, or make things from scratch in a dirty kitchen. Thus I am cleaning my kitchen, which is in a revolving door of recovery due to everyone being home. There is not enough time in a day to keep it all done.

I wanted to share this with you all today, in the event that you celebrate Spring/Easter/Creation, and may have no idea what you are doing or how or what to use to make is special. I know someone somewhere was already well prepared, someone is like me, and needs to use what they have, or maybe you need some ideas and have not a clue where to begin. These ideas only came to me over the last couple of days, and I am super thankful!!!!!

I have to go now, but feel free to leave any comments below, should you have any questions. There is alot, but only a little time left in the day, and the candy has to be made no later than tonight, and I still have a dozen oranges on the counter waiting to be peeled so that I can have counter space, and the dishes (you guessed it, need to be washed!)

No time to waste!

Love to you all,

Hiding in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade 🙂