Today time is telling me…

I am tired. Just like that…no warning. No underlying reason that I can identify. I want to nap, but anxiety is high. I wanted, and my schedule says today is going to be a cleaning day. I have a big project that needs finishing. I tried, even played my angry gotta clean playlist, but I couldn’t do it. I left everything in the floor. It is ok.

I messaged just one person to check on them. We received a special blessing in the mail. I am happy, it will be a financial tool, and a coping tool. It placed it in my purse for that perfect moment, when I need a reminder.

I made just one meal today. I baked crispy fish in the oven. My 9 year old made me breakfast. I posted about it on Instagram. I am refusing and have apologized to everyone and explained I am not feeling well, I will not be making dinner tonight. I need someone to make dinner for me.

The made at home dog food is cooking, in the crockpot, and candles are being made today super slow. It is a task I do not have to stand over anything to do. (at least not for long.)

Our first home made candle was officially completed yesterday!!! Such a success, and I really needed that!!!!

My free app Medisafe, reminded me when it was time to take my medication. I have had no water yet today. I suppose I should go get a glass, we will see. The couch and the CW are coaching me on for the rest of the day, along with you and maybe your prayers.

I wrote today simply out of obedience to God, I did not want to, but I feel there is a lesson in doing what He asks me to do when He asks me to do it. (I know I sound crazy, I am not.)

Three people have chosen dinner already. Works for me when I muster up the desire, I will get myself something. I am safe, sheltered, and with my family, and thankful for them. Today that is enough, so am I, and so is what we have.

This is Masquerade Jade,

Hiding in Plain Sight,

Helping you and me, to count our blessings.

from my gifted 52 week devotional. Where I am at this week.