Trying to make it….

what exactly I don’t know. I have been trying for days to get up a financial or thankful post, and it just couldn’t be completed. I need to think. I need to write and edit. It is hard.

Do you know that no matter how much someone loves you, they cannot always be there for you. You can be in a house full of people who love you and are looking out for you, and still fall down. Someone can tell you that you can tell them anything, and you warn them it is bad, they say tell me anyway, and when you do tell them, they run.

Your mate can pledge to you in sickness and health, and then when you actually get sick, they may tell you they can no longer love you. It’s hard.

Today is the day, I can take off and have zero expectations of myself. Expectations of no one else. Today as a day off is even doctor approved. I do or, we as a family each have a therapy session today. That is all we have to do. My husband says he is going for the first time ever, I will believe it after it occurs, maybe.

I own absolutely no rights to this music, but it is what it is…..listen….I am still here.

Hiding in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade 😕