Two birthdays in one week…..

How we celeberated. My husband turned 32 on July 13th and my teenage boy turned 15 on July 15th. This year has not been the easy for anyone. My spark and desire to create and make something from nothing, is gone considering everything going on with my physical,mental, financial, and marital health. (or lack thereof, if I am being honest)

Our spendable discretionary income is almost non existent. Coming up with a way to make two people who, compliments of a strained relationship, don’t really to be celebrated together is hard. (They deserve to be celebrated as individuals anyway.) Due to 2020 being such a straining year, I decided to make the birthday celebrations occur over a five day span. I kicked off the Friday before with pre-birthday donuts (purchased with EBT .)

Getting the party started!!!

When I did my grocery shopping, I did it alone and at Winn Dixie using their points system I ended up scoring 26.00 in points. I used a portion of the free points to splurge on my husband’s gift (despite our relationship being in trouble I have this issue where I believe everyone should be made to feel special on their birthday because well there have been years I was overlooked in life, and no one should feel that way imo)

I scored this beauty which became part of his gift. I enclosed it in a picnic basket I got for free from our local buy nothing Facebook group with some of his favorite, no one else wants to eat them snacks like Twinkies, jerky, and other uniquely flavored items I may not usually buy as part of our monthly grocery shopping.

It is unique and preserved and he loves tye dye!!!! As a bonus it will never die and if he leaves and doesn’t take it I have a cute piece of unique decor!!!

That Saturday we went to our local Spring Park and took photos, and played Pokemon Go. We walked our Tiny Rat Dog. The choice was my husband’s to go to the park or the beach, but since the car is in a state of disrepair we decided to keep the strain on it down and drove 15 minutes to the park instead of over an hour to the beach.

I took pictures of the surroundings not people

That Sunday, I drove everyone to a Mexican Restaurant that my son had been wanting to eat at and my husband had never been to (I personally have loved the establishment for 20 years. We always eat there Beef Quesadillas and unlimited freshly fried nachos with queso cheese.) It was about $66.00 with tip as my husband ordered one drink from the bar which I allowed since it was a birthday celebration. I chose a Sunday for the birthday dinner that way it was a joint event and treat but not specifically on anyone’s birth date. We followed dinner with a walk around the mall, all of us masked up and I let my son’s girlfriend accompany us.

The gift to my husband included 1.00 to purchase diamonds in our beloved Hayday Game. He got a great deal where he got 130 diamonds for one dollar to use in game currency. He is a gamer and was seriously thrilled. His adoptive family from Miami sent him $100.00 which he happily spent at Gamestop. I listed above how I used EBT to make him up a “Snack Attack” basket. His birthday was on a Monday and my son’s was on a Wednesday. I made my husband an eclair cake using graham cracker Eclair cake recipe that has been all over Facebook for several years, and my son an ice cream cake using ice cream sandwiches, and both got to select regular store bought dinners on their birthday nights.

My son’s personalized snack attack basket, I added the book later and wrapped it in brown paper.
The ice cream cake was super delish, I used neopolitan ice cream sandwiches, cool whip, and crushed oreo cookies.

I presented my husband his picnic basket with a tea light candle on it in front of our bedroom door, and my son’s basket was presented in the same way at his door, but instead of a preserved rose, it contained a graphic novel called, “THOR,” from Usborne books, we had previously won a mystery hostess award in a an online Facebook party and I saved a book a book from the reward as part of his gift, knowing our financial situation is not always what everyone may expect or advise me it should look like. I also loaded his basket with some of his favorite snacks just for him that he did not have to share if he did not want to.

Both of the guys I love seemed to be satisfied, and I only spent the $66.00 out of pocket on both of them because as I mentioned I can purchase food with EBT and I used some of my Winn Dixie points to obtain the globe for my husband.

You don’t have to spend alot of money to make someone feel special. Even if you purchase your food with out of pocket money or have to shop your own pantry, you can always make someone a from the heart gift by preparing some of their favorite foods, write them a letter, make them a card. It doesn’t have to be about huge outings, trips, or alot of money to be special. There have been times I have spent zero out of pocket and occasions have still been special!

What are your birthday celebration hacks, tip and tricks for making it as special as you can without emptying the bank?

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