Some of life’s best moments are simply unplanned. As many of you know, (especially if you follow me on Twitter) my drama 🦙 life has been extremely depleting as of late in many many ways. My husband admitted or not is having a major depressive episode, where one type of abuse has stopped but my therapist revealed another has begun.

This coming week brings with it challenge of two birthdays in the same week only one day apart for the two most prominent men in my life. My husband turns 32 and my son turns 15. I have no real money to spend on gifts, the best I was going to do was $5.00 on a gift for my husband, and $15.00 cash to my son. I went grocery shopping on Friday for the first time completely alone. It was difficult, I forgot my cane, and my right leg was done by the time I rummaged up some supplies to get us through a few days.

I used coupons at our local Winn Dixie, and scored laundry detergent for free because I had $4.65 in points to use. After my grocery shop thanks to a points bonus scan, I landed $25.00 in free points. It was unplanned, but I made up a snack attack pack (snacks unique to him) for my husband and used the points to purchase a preserved tie dye rose for him in a glass globe. It cost me nothing out of pocket. (the buyer’s remorse in me will silently lecture on how that should have been for dish soap, laundry detergent, and dog food later.) I was very pleased because among the things that have been depleted is my creative energy and ability to make something from nothing. I could not muster a single idea 💡 on how to make these days special for either party.

My husband’s birthday is not until Monday, but I wanted to attempt a lift of his spirits, so I scribbled a note and placed the basket by our bedroom door yesterday afternoon, with an invitation for his choice of a trip to the beach or our local Spring Park.

His goodies packed in the basket I got from our Facebook free group a few weeks ago.

We decided to take precaution and drive to the local spring fed park because it is not as far as the beach. I have to drive the Misfit Mustang sporting her battle wounds, as my insurance did not pay to repair my car because my husband due to his previous traffic citations is an excluded driver on my policy. I cannot afford the insurance prices when he is an included driver since he is such a high risk to the insurance agent.

My husband’s Papi and Tita gave him a call, the awesome surprise was they sent us money. They told my husband to split the funds with me! I was so surprised, it is not my birthday. My husband and I received $100.00 each. I am still beside myself in this. I have not a clue what to do with my part. I analyzed and analyzed, what if anything there is that I really want. Material things only fill a void temporarily. My husband wanted to go out to his favorite local Game Stop because his hobby involves his beloved Playstation 4. He used his funds after visiting two different stores.

We came home with the intention of charging our phones, and then driving to play Pokemon Go at the Spring Park. A thunderstorm was brewing in the distance, but we decided to grab our Tiny Dog and load ourselves in the car and go. It was gloomy and cloudy, but there are plenty of Pokestops in the park. My daughter is nine and still enjoys the playground, I had planned to walk on the dock/pier, but upon arrival it was overly crowded. We opted to simply walk the park and hide under a pavilion in the event of ☔️.

There is a feature in this park I had forgotten about. It has a very small fountain splash area. My daughter wanted to get wet, but we had abandoned any towels or change of clothes at the house. There was no way we were intentionally getting wet.

The idea crept into our collective heads to simply stick our feet in the fountains and test the water temperature. Before we knew it, we were dancing together, playing “water drums” from each beautifully lit fountain spray of water even entertaining a stranger’s toddler. We threw caution to the wind, and embraced the sulfur smell that comes from the springs, laughed, splashed, and talked with reckless abandon. It was an unplanned moment, we rode home on leather seats in soaking wet clothes, with my spouse, son, and Tiny Dog thinking we were on the brink of insanity with laughter. Something so unplanned and simple was amazing!!!

It was not not long before we abandoned all logic and were soaking wet from head to toe 🥰

I did not realize the park is only 15 minutes from our house. It is a place we can frequent a little more if we want. I think I may have found a new muse and an outlet. Depression, and cabin fever have plagued this family much as of late. While it wasn’t the beach and a swim I so desperately want, it is an amazing and unique experience in it’s own way.

What unplanned moments have surprised you this week?

Loving unplanned moments in Plain Sight,

Masquerade Jade 🤩

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  1. Excellent job this week! Nothing exceptional that stands out this week at our house. Despite the heat wave and drought we’re experiencing right now, Hubby and I have been on several walks with the dog. We’ve also been binge watching a couple shows. That’s about it, though. I love that you used “free money” to purcahse a gift. Even if the money could have been used in other areas, it was still a good choice. I hope he appreciated the gift.
    But my favourite part was you and your family finding a way to have some fun without any expense! You know, when I think about all my pleasant childhood memories, most of them cost very little money in reality. A friend and I packing a picnic lunch and riding our bikes to a nearby park for the afternoon. Walking to the corner store (which for us was a 20 minute walk one way) with a dollar or two to buy candy. Swimming the entire day in a lake with my cousins. Playing hide and seek in the dark with a group of friends. Eating a cheap popsicle or freezie on a really hot summer day. Sleeping in a tent in our back yard. Dancing in the rain and jumping in the puddles. Going sledding, making a snowman and building snow forts in the middle of winter. You know, as a society we seem to have forgotten that having fun isn’t about how much we spend. It’s about those unplanned moments that turn into wonderful memories! If nothing else, this pandemic is reminding us all to reconnect with our families and the world around us the way we used to when we were younger. Bravo for finding a little fun in a chaotic world!!!!

  2. Oh, and I thought of a suggestion on what to do with your $100 gift. Stick it away in a spot in your wallet, separate from your cash & cards or somewhere safe and save it for now. Every time you get a gift of money, whether it be for a birthday or Christmas, keep tucking it away. Start thinking of something that you’d really like to buy that’s a bit more expensive and save until you can afford to buy it. I prefer practical things, but it’s your gift money, so you can choose. For exmple, I did this for a few years and finally saved enough to buy a pressure canner that cost something like $400!
    The great part of saving the cash, is that it also becomes your “back up” cash. If you’re really stuck, and really, really need the money, you have something to help. For instance, your car breaks down and you need to pay for a cab to get home. It really is helpful to have some emergency cash on hand for any number of scenarios. If it’s a matter of needing the cash right then, but you can replace it in a few days, then make sure you replace what you spent. After all, this is your emergency fund, until you can buy what you are saving for. Well, it’s a suggestion anyways!

    1. This is a great idea and I currently have a 50.00 emergency fund, and prayerfully, I will know in a few days if I found a legitimate way to make money from home, if my husband can get his life together we could be great, but I am trying to work my way up to making what he and child support provide. And I wouldn’t mind not needing food stamps. I have been working on building a pantry but weevils (I think they are evil) keep invading my stash even though we have since march been buying storage containers 🙁 We found weevils in our flour, so another clean out and this time I may just spray the cabinet with pesticide.

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