A Self Introduction:

I am not a cookie cutter blogger, or really a cookie cutter anything. No one size fits all for this gal. I don’t have just one niche, truthfully, I don’t know if I have a niche at all. I do not fit into the template so many bloggers I have researched lay out. No matter how I carefully plan, life happens carelessly around me. This is my place to be real and raw about how I feel, what is happening, but I wish to be anonymous, hence a hiding place.

My life right now is a total mess. Self created mostly. I don’t know how we will recover but here I will share our journey. Maybe mine is the voice you need to hear to know you are not alone. Maybe you just want to follow my train wreck of a drama llama life.

You will find that I speak my own language, and my mind is randomly active. I have no formal education beyond graduating high school. I am a 254 lb walking, talking contradiction raising two kids, and nursing a second marriage. I have a cloak of dazzling depression sprinkled with an excess of anxiety.

Welcome to Real and Raw (now matter how good or bad it is) my hiding place.

Hiding in plain sight,

Masquerade Jade 🙂